Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Cool Thinking"?

A cool thinker neither thinks positively, nor negatively. He is simply balanced in his thinking. He strikes a practical balance between the two, after having clearly understood and analyzed the pros and cons of a situation. Such complete thinkers turn out to be great decision-makers and efficient managers. Think Cool! Think Complete! - Br. Sattvika Chaitanya

Agree. Makes complete sense - and actually inspires me - when it comes to most of the routine and mundane in regular day-to-day life. But I believe there are times when it is a brilliant idea to refuse to acknowledge reality and do one's own 'unbalanced' thing or even the opposite of what is considered sensible. To put it bluntly, at times, it is an awesome idea to not be balanced, understanding and accommodating in one's thinking! Thinking positively, in a skewed way, about something that is generally considered impossible today can make it a reality tomorrow depending on how strongly skewed our thinking is ;-) (Think of airplanes). Only if the thinker passionately believes in it (despite all previous evidence and logical thinking pointing the other way) and cares two hoots for 'reality' do such miracles happen in life. The magic of life manifests itself only when we get a bit 'crazy' and forget 'reality' and how society would expect us to react to it.

Of course, such thinking may not always result in miracles and magic, but we at least have the extreme satisfaction of knowing we had a dream and gave it our all. And we are going to be happier we listened to our crazy little inner voice rather than settle for the boring and ordinary and then wonder till the very end if we could have probably pulled off something visionary or radically different.


Carnal Zen said...

It's just about staying open to that kind of thinking. Altered perspectives or ideas that seem crazy can open us up in ways we never imagined. So put on a big purple party hat and live life in full color!

Nimmy said...

yeah!!! :) live life full color!!