Monday, April 21, 2008

Who are the Happy Blokes?

H'm! That was not meant to be an acronym but an expression of thought and analysis! But, wow, it turns out to be one....and unexpectedly so! And I realized that just while I was typing out this post...! H'm - H for Happiness and M for Money....!

Many people would be ready to bet their last currency that happiness is not a 'result' of money. But....check out this Life Satisfaction Index (projected to be a reflection of happiness) and you'll find it intriguing (especially if you're someone who belongs to the above-mentioned set of people) that the richer countries seem to be happier than the, you may talk of developed economies and the like, but the development is apparently because of the financial resources at the country's disposal, eh?


Anjali said...

Inspite of that survey, I still haven't crossed over and remain "In the money can't buy u happiness group". Humm and index is based on individual's perceived level of satisfaction that it self is a weak factor.

Nimmy said...

hey anjali :)) was not around for a few couldnt respond to your comment sooner than this....!
yeah....i guess it's all about experiences, attitudes and, a lot of us will not move into the "money can buy happiness" category come what may.... ;)
and about the perceived level of satisfaction....isnt that the only way to find out because we are talking of emotions or am i missing something here?
and then? hows you? :)