Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A THOUsand THOUghts for THOU Perusal....

I think this would be quite a decent and worthwhile post for #1000. Yes indeed. This is my 1000th post. A blogging milestone of sorts, eh? Maybe. But I do think it is at an appropriate time for the 1000th post as my blog is fast approaching its 4th birthday (May 3rd week). (But don't you worry....I haven't particularly been keeping track of the number of posts and my blog birthdays all this while.....I think to do it is quite boring for readers. So, rest assured that this is an exception ;-)). But I think I've got just the stuff required to make reading this post worthwhile.

Someone I respect a lot shared these thoughts with me yesterday. (A cousin who has come up the hard way and accomplished an awful lot in life). And I'd like to embed it out here so I don't forget it too soon.

- No one but you should drive your life. Don't hold anyone else responsible or blame them for what has happened to you. If required, detach yourself from others so as to enable this till it becomes a natural process.
- Be conscious of every decision you take and remember that you are the one who is responsible for each of those.
- God only facilitates.


Voyager said...

1. congratulations..1000th!!
2. 4th Birthday approaching!! Happy Birthday in advance:-)
3. Good thoughts put in...completely agree with your cousin.

Nimmy said...


1. Thank you
2. Thank you
3. Thank you

To sum it up, one...two...three "Thank you"s in all. What a creative response from me, eh?!