Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Room without a View

Dark room so pitch black
Nothing there only empty space
No sunlight not even a tiny crack
To let in the Sun's rays

Should I move around without fear
Sure that there's nothing that will hurt me
Or is there something lurking here
That I just don't happen to see

Do I walk around in the dark happy
Because ignorance is after all bliss
Or do I wish for light.....get all snappy
And then see some snakes on the floor hiss

Creative thinking changes the scene altogether
Or wait.....maybe it simply changes my vision (or lack of it?)
So, here I come floating like a beautiful feather
Blindfolded.....bright or dark......there's no differentiation!

PS: I don't particularly like to indulge myself in such 'dark' and 'sober' thinking.... but there's no escaping it at times. I know this poem borders on negativity and sarcasm.....but it is equally true that I can't help but see the silver lining around every grey cloud....hope you too find it in the poem. If not, please excuse me this time. :-)


Voyager said...

why fear when friends like us are around u :-)

Nimmy said...

hey deeps.... :D haaaha....man....what can i say except that i am lucky to have someone who can reassure me of her presence even if it is a 'dark place'!! ;-)
no worries...no fear....just a momentary illusion that i could not escape! ;-)