Tuesday, April 15, 2008

There's no Free Will if you will....!?

Whew! Read this. Link courtesy - Scott Adams on the Dilbert Blog.

So, is it not free will that has made me post a link to this article? Is it some other mysterious power in this universe that makes me share this link with you? Are we all like programmed computers that run on a pre-determined concept/flow that cannot be changed if the variable parameters, as indicated by the program, do not? Nah. I beg to differ. I think not. Will tell you my interpretation of this later. But first, do tell me what you think! And mind you, if there's no free will, there's no you! ;-)

This topic is so very intriguing....my free will wants me to explore this further. ;-) If you happen to have an interest in this topic and can share some views and news.....puhleeaassseeeeee do so. God bless.

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