Friday, February 01, 2008

The PERFECT questions...

I believe that Prashanth's 'Perfect' questions may lead one to his/her purpose in life - as it touches upon what one likes doing, what one is good at doing and what one passionately believes in! :-) There's so much one sometimes discovers in blogosphere.....hours of random and skeptical browsing sometimes does lead to gems that lie undiscovered or unappreciated...till serendipity takes over.


P.S said...

Hey u posted a comment also.Iam glad that atleast one person (as of now :) ) is able to appreciate the ideas. Hats off to u.

P.S said...


I will appreciate it if you can be a guest in the "PERFECT" show. I need not explain much, since you have fathomed the real purpose. i would like to learn something from your experiences. Please drop me a mail @ about ur response.

Thanks in advance !!

Happy weekend :)