Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nonsense - The Nerve!

It's been a while since I wrote something worthwhile. The creative (and intellectual?) juices haven't really been flowing. Or maybe I am so preoccupied with a changing life (as a consequence of a change of job....resulting in change of lifestyle....environment....friends....colleagues....processes....challenges.....and almost everything) that I haven't been in my usual form in terms of "writing". Surprisingly enough, I haven't been so very worried about lack of awesome content on my blog of late. After all, not everyone can generate good quality - conceptual or intellectually stimulating - stuff everyday. And I, honestly, feel good to think that I don't necessarily have to live to meet someone or the other's expectation everyday. But I know it won't be long before it starts to get to me and I start thinking that it is my responsibility to say something worthwhile on my blog...something that will be of use to someone or the other. And I also know life will anyway throw something intellectually stimulating - from the perspective of blogging - my way sometime or the other to meet my needs. God. Wait. Hold on. I just realized how much I am rambling out here!! I guess I have this need to ramble something nonsensical if I happen to reach a stage where I feel I have been deprived of intellectual content in life for too long a time. Get the crazy point? Actually, I do have something good to chew on at work but that's, unfortunately, not blog least not as yet. So, I (and you, if you've not given up as yet) will have to wait.

I find it perfectly fine to indulge in nonsensical (goofy and illogical if you want me to be specific) thinking when I am running short of intellectual stimulation. Maybe the corresponding nerves believe in operating in a mutually exclusive manner or maybe there's a hidden connection that we can't see. (Caveat: May not be valid for your brain. Maybe you don't have a 'Nonsense Nerve' at all in the first place). So, okay, where was I?'s something on those lines for your consumption...I cooked up something while complaining to a friend who is far away from the country. If you're angry with someone that you can't physically hit...all you do is put the person's photo on your desktop and drag and drop the Recycle Bin on the person's head when the RB is full of junk. She did not respond....probably because she was too stunned by the ingenuity of the idea.

PS: If you want to be saved from such posts, I have a suggestion - you can pose a nice thoughtful question on Life/Spirituality/KM/Creativity/Innovation/Change Management which I will take a stab at....if I think I have the necessary 'material' to consider the question.... :-)

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