Thursday, February 07, 2008

A New 'Earth' Experience

I think I have been lucky enough to experience 'natural' bliss in its purest form for very brief periods of time so far in my life.....times when I have briefly felt that life (as opposed to events within life) is the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me. I am not talking about those occasions when something external stimulated happiness (of a different kind). I am talking about those occasions that do not involve contributions to regular/typical desires, greed and selfish interests. I am talking about those moments when I've experienced immense joy on simply seeing a bird glide or a flower sway or a tree whisper or a squirrel hop around or a baby smile....these have been Aa..ha! moments of a different flavour....leading to a recognition of the 'real' joy in life. There have also been such rare moments involving creative thought...poetry, prose, discovering something enchanting about life, and 'inventing' something that I have been able to apply at work.

But I've never encountered these moments 'consciously'. They've just happened. Out of the blue. Without any warning whatsoever. I've perhaps not truly believed - so far - that one can actually choose to have such moments. But Eckhart Tolle's book - A New Earth - has convinced me completely that we can experience such moments whenever we want to. In short, the book is extremely insightful and enlightening. I recommend that each and everyone who believes that there's more to life than daily routine, money and selfish motives read this book.

PS: Tolle says that the book will make no sense to a person who is not 'ready' for it....and I believe he is right. I am reading the penultimate chapter of the book and will probably have a lot to post once I am done. I think this book has all the potential to truly change our lives if we approach it with an open mind and let its contents sink in.

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