Monday, November 19, 2007

The Bird in the Cage

The bird woke up and saw the bars
And remembered where it was
The cage was large and had a nice image
But it was nevertheless a cage
The bird was not itself behind the steel
It could not realize its full potential
So, it fluttered and muttered often
...And tried improving the comfort levels within
But there was no change whatsoever
In spite of being large the cage was as small as ever
The bird decided it was finally time to move it
…To break free and fly away and enjoy every bit
Birds are meant to be free and fly high
Cages can only crave for birds that they can’t buy


Alok said...

strong underlying message nimmy .. very well penned


Nimmy said...

Hey Alok!!
So good to hear from you! :) Long time no news. Are you in Singapore now? I checked your blog once in a while and then sort of gave up. How's life? Keep in touch!

deepa said...

so well written. Dont think the cage still beautiful was the bird that it lost.

Nimmy said...

deeps!! :) haaaaiiiii
cool to find you online da! and....hanh! looks like i'll know more about what you think now, what? ;) goody goody yippeee skippeee (copyright held by you know who) :)