Friday, November 23, 2007

Read and Regret! ;)

It's been a long time since I posted something silly and (hopefully) humorous. The urge is quite intense. But I am not getting any good (sensible) ideas as of now. So, I am going to give in to my impatience and throw your life in peril. I am posting something utterly crazy but will leave you with the option of skipping this post if you want to fool yourself into thinking that you are dealing with a normal human being. So, here goes....

I went on a short trip to a place called Kaveri Nisargadama and spotted so many Egrets on the way that I decided to cook up a story based on them due to lack of any better ideas. So, there were these two Egrets on a nice green field and they were chatting amidst some worm-munching and this is what I overheard.

Egret #1: Nimmy! Nimmy!
Egret #2: (Astonished look) Who the hell do you think you're calling? Why the hell are you calling her? Don't you want to continue to have a peaceful and happy day? Why do you want to do something that you'll regret later?
Egret #1: (Confused look) Eh? Ya, I guess I don't know what I am doing these days...
Egret #2: (Stern look) Earlier, one of our community members did something similar and regretted it so much that our entire community came to be known as Regrets. Thankfully, one of our smarter members who attended the previous World Birds Council meeting convinced everyone that R was silent in the name Regrets and it would be better for us to be called Egrets rather than Regrets. So, we somehow escaped the embarrassment of being called Regrets for the rest of our lives. Learn from the past! Cut it out and concentrate on your worm. Look, there comes a buffalo.....let's fly over and perch on his back. He is known to sport many worms....

I did not stay on to listen to any more words of advice that Egret #2 may have given Egret #1. Whether they like it or not, one thing common between me and Egrets is that even I like to avoid embarrassments.


Hari said...

Hello Nimmy,

Haven't responded to your KM answers yet... life has been taking me into various swirl pools :) Sincere apologies.
About this particular post - no comments :) Looks strange. Maybe I am too dodo-ish to comprehend the 'larger' picture.

Nimmy said...

:) hee hee. Ha-ri! Don't even attempt to understand this post. hahaaa. There is no larger picture here! It's just a crazy post that I wrote so I'd feel good - for I hate being serious,sober and adult-like all the time. ;)
And about your responses to my posts on KM, I definitely 'am eager and waiting to hear from you....but no hurry....take life as it comes...:)