Sunday, August 05, 2007

HOPpy Birthday!

Yesterday (Aug 4th) was my happy birthday. If you’re wondering why I am declaring this akin to an excited kid, here’s my story. Because this was not just a regular ‘happy birthday’ but a hoppy birthday as well. I’ve fractured my left ankle and have been hopping around on one leg. That’s why. It’s been a happy (laughter-filled) one despite all the hopping only because of a couple of smart and entertaining kids nearabouts me. Sample this.

Kid 1: What is your worst dream?
Me: I don’t get dreams
Kid 1: I think you’re concentrating too much on your fracture because of which your dreams are getting fractured

Kid 2: Can you get up and hop to the kitchen?
Me: No, The doctor has asked me to not try any such things for a few days
Kid 2: <Points to a poster in my room that reads “All power is within you. You can do anything and everything. Believe in that.” – Swami Vivekananda> Then what is this for?
Me: Opened my mouth only to shut it the next moment. I know it when I am defeated.

It’s annoying to be confined to one’s bed even on normal days, leave alone one’s birthday. But wishes from friends who really care makes a world of difference. Love certainly makes the world go round. It makes everything seem just a hop, jump and skip away. Pun intentional. ;)


Alok said...

Manny Happy Returns of the day Nimmy! (belated though!) wish u all the success in life

take care

btw have u noticed how smart the kids are these days ..... i keep on getting amazed by their intellect ... considering wht i was at their age!


Alok said...

Happy Friendship day to u!

Have a blast


Deepti said...


Belated Happy Birthday.

OH its not good ... I hope you it isnt very bad... I mean ofcourse it is bad enough that you have a fracture... but i hope it isnt very bad. LOL


Deepti said...

Dear Nimmy

I hope your fractured leg dosent stop you from blogging....

Did u say you were in Bangalore ? How bad are the rains ?

Take care of yourself

Tiger said...

Belated Hoppy / Happy Birthday

Raj said...

Aha! The joy of hopping! Many happy returns of the day!

Get well soon

Nimmy said...

alok, deep, tiger, raj

thanks a ton for all the comments and wishes, friends. :). i am slightly better today. graduated from hopping to dragging my feet around ;) ha ha. but mobility is limited to a couple of rooms at home. time to be...

hop(p)ing that i get to do some quality thinking while this phase lasts...

bangalore rains? - not so heavy in my area...but all i can do is watch it come down ;)

belated friendship day greets to all... :)

Nimmy said...

i think i can certainly blog more often now, if i want to....though sometimes i wonder whether i should spend time away from my laptop now that i have been forced to take a break ;)

Nimmy said...

and're 100% right. i couldn't agree more with you. there's always one thing that i am sure of when i am with kids....i'll learn something new...! i am astounded by their intelligence and wit... :)

Deepti said...

GUess it is a good idea. Spend some time away from your laptop. I cannot imagine any free time without my laptop. I get into a coffee shop and i see loners sitting around like me with a book or a laptop. Mostly a laptop. It is as if the laptop has reengineered the face of companionship.

So i would say take a break. Though i will miss reading what you write. But TAKE A break.

Ashwini Bhat said...

Good Nimmi! you are enjoying with the company of kids.

Waiting to see more posts from you during this break!

Enjoy the forced break and make it the most memorable in your life.

Evolving Ideas said...

A very happy belated birthday Nimmy!

Hope your leg gets better real soon. Order yourself nice movies, books and yummy icecream- makes everything better for me :)

Nimmy said...

thanks, deept. i guess it was a change to stay away from my blog for a few days....

thanks, ash. :) i'll let the blogging happen when i feel like and let go when i don't feel upto it... ;)

astha: thanks so much. i hadn't thought of ice-cream...yummm...:D - i should not lose any more goes...hello, one large cornetto please..