Friday, August 31, 2007

Brain-wave! Hunt for people with a weak memory

Aa..ha! It just occurred to me. Something paradoxical. A brain-wave! :) We ought to trust a person with a weak memory. Did you say ‘huh?!’? Let me try and un’huh’ you.

Because, a person with a weak memory is likely to stick to telling the truth.

Intriguing paradox, I think. Anyway, you can argue any which way. Like, what if he/she forgets what the truth is? ;)

UPDATE: It is also believed that a person with a weak memory tends to be happy! And, it would be quite understandable that a person with a weak memory will end up contributing to some entertaining situations due to his/her forgetfulness. So, all in all, looks like it will be fantastic to move around/be friends with people with a weak memory - guarantees truth, happiness and entertainment!! ;P


Alok said...

interesting ...


veera said...

probably u have not interacted with anyone with weak memory, so you seem to have assumed that they'll be happy and entertaining (cinematic effect?)


Nimmy said...

mmm, ya, i guess i know where you're coming from....hahaha......! ;)i quite know that nothing might work out to be smooth and efficient with such a person around...but well, there are pros and cons to everything.... :)