Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I went looking for inspiration....and look what I found! :)

I believe that I am an intrinsically motivated person. But even an intrinsically motivated person needs a trigger or two sometimes. I went looking for some inspiration and have returned with some gems. Here….you may need them as much as I do.

You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. You must want it with an inner exuberance that erupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world.” --Sheila Graham

We are a living magnet. We attract people, events and circumstances that harmonizes with our dominant passion and accompanying thoughts & actions” – Not sure who said this but it looks like a spiritual counsellor called Nirup slightly modified the original quote, apparently by Brian Tracy

And while on motivation and the like, check out this great slideshow! :)


praveen said...

nice quotes....really inspiring...

cheers :D

Alok said...

liked the slide show a lot ....

really nice quotes ...

are u still in the quotes phrase :)


PS: Have u rejoined office

Nimmy said...

hey praveen and alok! :)
glad you folks like the quotes! good to pass on 'inspiration'...anytime!!
mmm, and yes....i am quite a quote-person..diff from 'quotable' ;)
yup!! back in office!!! back at work! :)