Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I realized something quite intriguing. When you chase a goal passionately but something about that goal happens to question your very intentions – for example…cast aspersions on your intentions - you actually tend to re-look at whether the goal is worth it and ultimately, I guess, get less emotional about it even if you decide it is worth it. Which is good, ironically! Does this make any sense to you/ring any bells?

PS: I’ve been away from introspective posts of late…just been babbling and narrating things. Yearning to get back to some significant introspection….though I understand that it is this swinging between complementary and/or opposing moods that helps one get charged.

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Alok said...

true, for today u have (whthr u want or not) to think practically ... if there are self doubts on goal, it is better to have a relook ... rather than been emotional abt it