Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Doggy and the Donkey

As I sat listening to some amazing music and watching the world watch me as I went past it this morning, I spotted a (cute) little donkey that was, unfortunately, limping along to nowhere in particular. It’s amusing when you see the rest of the world fear something you know is harmless because you know you yourself have been in situations where you’ve feared things that are harmless and have entertained some lucky souls in the process. Anyways, as the donkey limped along harmlessly a doggy that was sauntering in from the opposite direction mistakenly believed that there might be a confrontation of sorts and shrunk a bit, looked the donkey up and down and quickly turned around and ran for life. Unfortunately, I went past this part of the world too quickly to be a witness to the rest of the story. Presumably, the doggy may have then looked for cover and watched the donkey go past and then convinced that he was out of danger, returned to his original route. So, let’s say that I may not have missed anything sensational. But, the scene was quite cute and inspired me to concoct a dialogue between the two aforesaid characters…given that I am a fan of animation movies and the like. Here is the imaginary dialogue for your consumption……

Doggy (surprised): I haven’t seen a donkey in donkey’s years!

Donkey (angry): You dogs outnumber us donkeys in Bangalore and we don’t-key like it. I came because I’ve got a bone to pick with you on that front. Please note the figurative speech. I personally hate bones on my plate and would prefer paper on the wall any day. So, eat your own dog food…..and I mean that literally, by the way.

Doggy (angry): Grrr. Every dog has its day! And I am determined to make today, my day. I am going to kicka--, literally!

Donkey (angry and surprised): What? That was a very mean thing to say! What do I say now…? Err….my vocabulary has gone to the dogs!

Doggy (determined): That’s because I am doing all the donkey work! Watch out, I’ll get all the other dogs who have a dogged determination and be back in a tick. You’ll soon be in a doghouse…and that my friend is figurative as well as literal speech.

Oops. An overdose? But I love playing with words……English is such a beautiful language, sigh!!! :)


pragz-2-riches said...

I know ur not gonna forgive me for this, but:

What a KickASS dog-n-donkey story (did cock-n-bull originate the same way!?), smartASS!

Nimmy said...

Petty....!! How dare you!!??
I am only addressing you by your pet name, btw. :D LoL
How I'd love to dump the comment, for my blog is a pollution-free zone. But...sigh...will it make any difference, now that you've visited my blog?? :D LoL. The damage has been done. It's a riches to rags story this time...! ;)