Saturday, July 28, 2007

Brains Begging for a Break

My brain normally refuses to give in to extensive multi-tasking and begs to be left alone with one or two tasks. So, it feels good to read about this.

Some random extracts:

"Multi-tasking isn’t a solution. It’s a vast and growing part of the problem."

"Our total awareness is limited to only three or four objects at any given time. We can concentrate fully on only one."

"Killing yourself for your career means you won’t be around to enjoy your success, while your organization will."


Alok said...

I absolutely agree with this post of ur nimmy and am taking back the last comment with me tom to office .....

The link that u provided was damn neat


Nimmy said...

mmm. that's why i love to go away to somewhere far away and do nothing but read books....lovely to read, read and read and not be worried about anything else...