Thursday, July 26, 2007


As far as blogging goes, I seem to get into these quick (“Thank God for that!”, some people may say ;)) phases - that last anywhere between one day and a week - wherein I a) have this irresistible urge to blog about a particular topic (as long as the phase lasts) or b) end up adopting a particular style/attitude of blogging. I am in one such phase now and it is called “Quotes, Quotes and more Quotes”. So, here’s another quote. And yes, you guessed it right - I love it. :)

"Don't waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window-- or break down a door" - Brooke Shields.

Wow. Life really ought to be lived and loved liked this, don’t you think? To be happy or not to be happy is a choice we make. The more permanent your methods of remaining happy (we were born happy), the better. Fixation on materialistic entities simply means we’ve got to make a choice to be happy more frequently. ;) Fixation on entities outside our control also means we’ve got to make a choice to be happy more frequently but this is going to be more difficult than in other situations. Fixation on loving others…extending unconditional love….is a great way to be happy. If this seems impossible when it comes to certain people, even if we can’t be one of those great souls that are full of love, we could at least be neutral to start with. Fixation on ourselves and the way we approach life means controlling something that is very much controllable though it is a matter of resolve and discipline. But if we’re looking for happiness, it is worth it. Ain’t it? Anyways, it is only a matter of time before the attitude gets ingrained in us and we then don’t even know how we seem to be able to pull it off. I am talking about the door that Brooke Shields is referring to. :D

Let’s lead a better life by simply deciding to be happy! Happiness is the real wealth. (In my experience, the only time when this gets really difficult is when your health is not good…no wonder then, that health is considered to be wealth!)


Alok said...

It only takes an effort on our part to say I will keep a smile on my face all day thru .....


Nimmy said...


thanks so much for leaving your comments here! :) I visited your blog and think it is fabulous!! looking forward to reading all your stories and write-ups :)


The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

hey thanks for commenting on my blog flotsam & jetsam... no that is not a painting that I did just a picture I took..
thanks for commenting.
appreciate it.

Alok said...

Hey nimmy ... thanx so much buddy

really appreciated


Deepti said...

Happiness eludes us when we bind ourselves in conditions. And we always bind ourselves in conditions. Love, house, car, better so and so and so and so....

But it always nice to read something inspirational that clears away the smog and says look at the crux of living.

Deepti said...

Nimmy are you on IM.

Nimmy said...

thanks all! :)

depti - yup! me on yahoo (nimmipal) and google talk (nirmala.pal). catch you there some time...! :)