Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why is KM such a challenge?

More often than not, posing a KM question is equivalent to posing something that touches the most fundamental of aspects in the organization, impacts a large section of the organization - most individuals, calls for a lot of hard work, challenges assumptions and calls for conviction, authority and confidence. Doesn’t make it sound particularly enticing if you're looking for an easy life, does it? No wonder KM teams often point to the portal they’ve developed and shy away from everything else. If there’s something valuable in there, it is probably thanks to some champions, some inherent culture of sharing and caring, some do or die situation etc.

KM appeals mostly to the idealistic and never-say-die characters. Or the optimistic lot that sees the cloud but also the silver-lining.

PS: Scribbled down in a moment of inspiration. :)


Matt Moore said...

Nimmy - I agree with you. If done right KM changes how people work (i.e. what they do). That makes it important. That also makes it hard - because change can be hard.

If we forget that, we are just left with portals.

Nimmy said...

hi matt! :)
Good to see you here and even better to see your comments! :D
Increasingly, I am beginning to realize how easy KMers seem to find it to show and tell (portals) and shut shop.... :(

LiL said...


Your Blog is very interesting. I will link mine which is When you have time, check it out. I go more into why KM fails, and what is the solution.



Nimmy said...

Thanks so much Lil. Would love to be connected to your blog and learn from you.