Thursday, January 13, 2005


P G Wodehouse, the uncrowned King of the English Language said - "The gift of listening is more valuable than that of easy speech". Need more be said? But well, all of us want to say something rather than listen to what others have to say. Isn't that what the 'problem' is all about? :)It's going to take me too sometime to learn to listen better.

The ego does the talking. (Didn't someone say "Empty vessels make more noise?"). It takes an enormous amount of faith in oneself and confidence in oneself to listen, I guess. Because there is this constant urge to show the world that you know! And anyways, in today's cut-throat world, many of us are under the impression that the person who talks knows more. It is a paradox in reality. Those who talk less know more! Because they've gone out of their own circle and garnered knowledge from the world. They are always trying to garner knowledge and that's why they are always listening. Maybe, those who listen a lot finally get down to make a book of what they've learned! Is that why those who listen more are such great authors? (PLUM, Ernest Hemingway....). SO, there, you still get an opportunity to voice your thoughts by writing a book! (And you have your Blog too) I am rambling a little too much here I guess. Here's my conclusion:

Listening requires humility and self confidence. Listening teaches. Listening makes one popular. Listening is difficult. That's why it is worth it. :) I am going to learn to listen more and talk less. And whatever comes on to my Blog would be from listening - both - to the world as well as, sometimes, my inner voice.

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