Thursday, December 30, 2004

My A&N Trip - Post #2

My escapades in A&N - 15th Dec to 21st Dec (I'll be putting up a link to this post later)

PS: At the time of writing this, it is disheartening for me to mar this otherwise joyful recollection by also mentioning that we at home have just been watching the horrifying news of the earthquake in Indonesia and the subsequent tsunami waves across coastal areas in India including the A&N islands, on TV. Seen in this light, my narration might almost seem in bad taste. The irony is that I admired the sea and was fascinated by it so much just a few days ago only to now see it undergo a scary transformation into some thing that has swallowed so many lives. So unexpected. So devastating. It cuts the heart like a knife, to see the video footage and thousands of people being washed away. Can’t help thinking of what might have happened if we had gone a little later than when we did or extended our stay or for that matter, if the tsunami/earthquake had struck earlier! Why did this have to happen? Why were so many innocent lives claimed by the otherwise charming sea? I just can’t go on….please pardon me for the timing of this post. Or, on second thoughts, I will not put up this post for some time to come. Sometimes, reality sucks. I wrote most of this – let’s say 60% of it – before the tsunami struck terror in the hearts of so many thousands of lives. I went through an unexplainable experience finishing the rest of my experiences in the trip as every word seemed to have another meaning. I just couldn’t utter words like serene, and joy, for example. Even for the reader, these words would sound almost sadistic. Whatever positive the feelings I went through during the trip, the change of circumstances has made them seem sadistic…I hope I'll feel better enough to put up the link to my original escapades in A&N...


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