Friday, June 04, 2004

Tough nut to crack...

There is a school of thought that believes that relationship management is a core contributor to one's success. Esp in an organizational environment. But what about the role of perception? You might be a great person in terms of attitude towards others, but a few circumstances might dictate to how you are perceived by others. Also, what is relationship management? One can't be rude and curt all the time and never ever think about others. That means one has to be 'nice'! But if one is a little too 'nice' all the time, others tend to take advantage...don't they? Seems like blowing hot and cold is the only option...! :-) That reminds me of a calvin and hobbes strip that got me smiling for quite some time! -
Calvin : I am at peace with the world, I'm completely serene. I've discovered my purpose in life. I know why I was put here and why everything exists.
Hobbes: Oh, really?
Calvin: Yes, I am here so everybody can do what I want.
Hobbes: It's nice to have that cleared up.
Calvin: Once everyone accepts it, they'll be serene too!

Enjoy! :)))

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