Thursday, June 17, 2004

Defining KM!

Passionate that I am about KM, it just dawned upon me that I should be looking at defining it my own way. There is no standard globally accepted definition and there are as many flavours of the KM definition as there are number of interpretations of it. Some folks pin it down to culture, some to processes, some to tools and technology while some call it GOD of All Things. Hmmm, where do I start? I'll start off with what I think are the keywords that should appear in a 'good' KM definition... Maybe my next blog will tie up all the keywords (and probably leave out some) and give the reader a definition. :)

- People
- Collective Thinking
- Learning
- Processes
- Knowledge
- Technology/Tools
- Innovation
- Efficiency
- Reuse
- Collaboration
- Knowledge Capture, Classification, Categorization, Storage, Retreival, Access, Dissemination, Application, Value-Addition, Updation
- Customer
- Business Objectives
- Smart Workers
- Leverage
- Strategy
- Concept/Discipline
- Explicit/Tacit Knowledge

Whew! Okay! Now, it will take me another day to get back to this and frame a nice definition out of it for KM! Till then, hold on! ;)

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