Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Competition Vs Collaboration

Which gives more? Competition or Collaboration? The receivers - not just the individuals involved in the competition or collaboration but also the surrounding society/community. What makes the world a better place to live in? Is it competition or collaboration? People talk of competitive spirits spurring performance and innovation. Has it been compared with the kind of innovation and performance that is driven by collaboration? Competition can also drive destruction/destructive forces. Collaboration does not. An anchor in a programme on Discovery Channel about Modern Machines had this to say while closing the episode, "It is not competition between Boeing and Airbus that will give the world the best of modern machines, it is collaboration between them that will". In other words, anything done out of love will bear sweeter fruits than that done because one wants to beat another. The best of performances are because the performer loves what she is doing and not because she wants to get the better of others in the 'cast'. Competition is short-lived. Collaboration can be forever. Competition causes unnatural deaths. Collaboration brings alive. What would happen if the mother and the father of a family compete to serve the family members? Funny! Ha Ha Ha! :)

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