Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Leadership and KM

I caught myself wondering about the link between Leadership and KM. Not exactly the whole of KM but in relation to Knowledge Sharing. Leaders are those that get excited and enthusiastic about a great idea that they have or imbibed from an external source...and have the power to get others equally excited about the same thing! And not just get them excited but also get them to act upon it and reap the rewards/see the results. Any debates here? Well, so what? When does a leader get to influence others to get excited about something that they themselves haven't come up with...that they don't own? Of course, personality, charisma, track-record, fear factor etc cannot be ignored. But the real ownership comes when the leader is able to influence and inspire the masses. Influencing and inspiration happen only when you can tell the masses the why and how of things. Not necessarily the all of the how, but all of the why and a significant portion of the how. If you've guessed my next question, find out if you've got 10/10. It is "What is Knowledge Sharing? Isn't it the Why and How more than anything else?". To go a step further, you don't have to feed someone with fish. Just teach them how to fish, give them the tools and set the environment, pay them for it and you have your organization. Hmmm

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