Friday, November 19, 2010

You are How your Brain is Wired

This is actually stuff some of us have already read about and are familiar with. But, nevertheless, this person is a great speaker and the experiment they're engaged in is fascinating. 


LGL said...

Very interesting. Thanks for posting this.

Caveman said...

Can't see the video on google reader and the clip on your blog gets stuck half way through. But I managed to see the entire thing on youtube and i kinda agree with Sebastian Seung. I mean although the scientific jargon confounds the hell outta me, I think philosophy and science are quite the same... what say? or maybe my brain is wired up all wrong.

Nimmy said...

LGL: You are welcome! My pleasure to share such interesting stuff.

Jai: Hey friend. :-) Sorry about the technical issues. I will recopy the code into the post and see if the problem goes away.
I quite agree with you - Science and Philosophy are siblings. Incidentally, I have begun to read a book on this topic - "God is in the Equation"! :-) If I manage to understand something, I shall surely share my thoughts! ;-)