Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Analyze Less...Annoy Less

I bet that analyzing and judging people* is almost always an un-worthwhile (is it still cool to prefix an un to the words you know and use it wherever you need the opposite of that word? :-)) and more importantly a disastrous endeavor. I am convinced that either your conclusions (impulsive or otherwise) will turn out to be wrong or your starting point(s) itself will be wrong, which again will lead you astray. People are simply meant to be trusted and respected...and understood*. At worst, perhaps ignored when they turn out to be consistently mysterious in a way you are unable (that's a valid "un" word) to appreciate. Give what you can. Control, nevertheless, your own expectations. Complain less.

*To analyze and judge a person is a process that does not really involve her. To understand a person is a process that actively involves her.


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