Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Nature of Life

A quiet walk down the beach at sunrise 
A slow ride across the sea at low tide
A trip through fields of tall grass and bright flowers
A silent hour opposite the tall mountain
A frozen moment beside the roaring waterfall 
Soothing music at the foot of the motherly tree
Ears tuned into the melodious songs of birds galore
A journey that follows the flock of gliding birds
A celestial nap under the star-lit sky
A stealthy glance at the full moon
A brilliant book in the middle of nowhere 
Is what packs life with its ultimate punch  


umapoems said...

Liked your poem -wonderful words,smooth flow

Our Life depends upon the choice we read it and vote to support

Nimmy said...

Thanks a ton, Uma.

Chetana said...

good nature poetry..........I liked the words

Nimmy said...

Thank you, Chetana! :-)