Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This post occurred to me out of the blue. Funnily enough, I am even unable to recall whether it came to me when I was about to drowse off yesterday night or this morning when I was trying to sit still for a while. Parenting is a topic that is very close to my heart and I believe if we focus on and know how to bring up children and (as a result) every family in the nation is a happy family, it might be the end of most problems our society faces today. 

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C - Coach the child (Being a coach is not the same thing as being a teacher)

H - Help when you're needed or Hold her hand as she walks her path

I - Inspire the child through your own actions and through other mediums like books, stories etc

L - Love the child irrespective of her flaws and faults. Laugh (share humorous moments) with the child as often as possible. 

D - Demonstrate things rather than just resorting to rhetoric (very stale piece of advice in parenting)

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R - Reward and Recognize the child appropriately (drawing a balance between over-rewarding and under-rewarding may be extremely difficult)

E - rElease the child from your grip and let her lead her own life except in situations that need you to be protective 

N - Nudge the child when nothing else works (Use tactics that are provoking but subtle. Note that Nudging is very different from Pushing or Forcing). But DO NOT Judge the child! As Mother Theresa said, where there is judgement, there can be no place for love (not reproduced verbatim)

I love acronyms or rather actual words that are given the form of an acronym. More often than not, I believe it is possible to creatively expand actual words into alphabetical pieces that make meaning independently and then as a whole. I have no idea what this technique is called (I'm sure someone must have coined a term for it) but I love it as it is one of the best ways to remember things.

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