Thursday, September 16, 2010

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life balance - for God's sake - is NOT about constantly interrupting your work with "life" (sadly means only non-work activities for many...) or vice versa. On the contrary, it is about focusing on one thing at a time and therefore doing it - whatever you are doing - well. 

So, when I'm at work, I want to minimize personal phone calls, emails and tasks and when I am home, I want to relax and think about personal things rather than attend an official phone call. Sometimes, when I'm enormously excited about an idea or a presentation or a project, I may tend to work on it during the weekend etc but then you can't let creative moments slip by and moreover who said only non-work activities constitute life? Similarly, if there is a personal emergency that needs to be catered to during work (office hours), then so be it. Exceptions are fine as long as they don't gradually get converted into something routine. 


wake_up_then_walk said...

There's a mall close to our office and guess what- I find most of the freshers balancing their work-life during office hours :)

Nimmy said...

@Rakesh: :-) Hehehe. I guess a lunch outing with the team is a good idea to balance work and - sigh - "life". ;-) BTW, what does it mean to take a break from work - balancing it with "life" I guess? :-))

sanjog said...

I believe in forgetting work after your get home. leave work at office if not we tend to mess up things. Nice post