Monday, September 27, 2010

It's All in the Game

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Here's a sweet little anecdote worth sharing and all that. Last week, I was particularly bored and did not feel like doing anything much. So I decided to plop myself in front of my 5-month-old niece and discuss with her, among other things, the world and its apparent purpose. I started off by smiling and then order to set the context, one might add. Obviously, as most small babies will, she smiled back at me and then laughed along with me. I lost track of what I set out to do and instead decided to respond to the situation and keep things going. What that means, by the way, is that I continued to laugh till I started to cough. She laughed along with me quite hysterically and then stopped laughing and gave me a puzzled look (when I coughed) as if accusing me of unfairly changing the rules of the game all of a sudden. Well, even small kids might misunderstand you, you know! ;-)

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