Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Community Remote

What the remote is to a TV set, an internal micro-blogging platform could very well be for an organizational community. It could help each member of the community control the action and activity right from where she happens to be. Consider this:

a. Switching it on: If the community has been quiet for a while, all it takes is a single, short and provocative tweet to start something instantly 

b. Changing the volume: Increase the number of contextual tweets and tweet-conversations to make the community think actively about something and get a bit 'louder' when needed 

Courtesy: MS Office Images
c. Changing hands (Passing the control to someone else): Tweets are the perhaps the most convenient and easiest of ways to pass on the community 'handle' to any member, if he/she happens to be in the middle of the action and has a lot to share 

d. Simultaneous viewing of different channels: Where else but on a micro-blogging platform can one effectively and efficiently take part in multiple conversations (on different topics and with different people) at the same time? 

e. Storing favorite channels: Think #hash-tags. Tweets can easily be hash-tagged for reference by anyone and referred to at any time in the future

Can you think of some more extensions for the metaphor? 

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