Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Inspiring Thoughts

I liked this article by Jay. Extremely practical and simple and yet inspiring enough to push you.

Points I'd particularly like to highlight are: (comments mine)

  • Learn people skills above all else (Comment: I think most of us are not naturally good at handling people. We must necessarily expend some effort to learn how to deal with people and our own unconscious mind - like the author points out at the start of his list)

  • Question everything you hear! (Comment: Well, sometimes you have to be smart enough to realize what cannot be trusted or taken at face value)

  • Your beliefs create your universe (Comment: Be very careful about what beliefs you invite and nurture and understand how exactly it impacts you)

  • Never sell yourself short. Ever. (Comment: The complexity of the relationship between humility, self-confidence and selling yourself right may be hard to deal with)

  • Stay in control of yourself at all times (Comment: Genuine emotions are a sign of a good human the border line)


Vinod said...

Nice Thoughts and good explanation of yours in the comments section.

Nimmy said...

:-) Thank you!