Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Open Letter to Airtel

Dear Airtel,

I have already complained multiple times about sudden and strange downloads and subscriptions that my mobile seems to be subjecting itself to without my asking for it.

Despite all that, I have been charged for some unknown Java downloads and MadRat subscriptions which I have absolutely no clue of. I just complained again and was told I could subtract the charges applied for these two items. Unfortunately, I (surprisingly enough) ignored similar charges in my previous bills and have probably ended up paying 10% more money than what I was supposed to pay every month. Glad I woke up and realized something was wrong and decided to put a stop to it at least now. 

Anyway, I have what I think is a reasonable idea which you will hopefully consider.

If you were to not cheat customers and get them to pay Rs.50+ every month and increase your overall revenues by 5-10% and rather provide more honest services to them, your revenue might actually shoot up by 20-30% instead. Think about it. (I tweeted about this earlier and heard back from at least 5 people who have faced similar situations wherein their mobiles showed some strange independence and downloaded stuff from the Internet) 

A Well-wisher 


Vinod said...

Airtel these days sucks big time, i experienced it myself when I was there - hope you are doing good Nimmy, just to update moved to HK for work.

Nimmy said...

Hey!!! :-) I know. They're probably very complacent.

In HK now? You might miss the Tamil fonts in Singapore! :-P Hope you do well! Keep in touch!

tejaswi said...

Hey nimmy :)
consider myself signed on that one!
i am actually considering demanding that they pay me for tolerating and 'training' their ill-informed and insufferable reps. it is their habit to demand payment for the most inexplicable things - it should work both ways.

Nimmy said...

Tej: How true! I spent so much energy and time in just getting those blokes to realize they needed to take my complaint seriously. Finally couldn't help it and ended up having a highly sarcastic conversation when I called them for the 6th or 7th time. Sigh. If we were to be paid for such calls, we'd be planning a trip around the globe now, what? ;-)