Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to Deal with an Alien Idea

I find it exasperating when I am around people who have a tendency to dismiss or criticize ideas, that come from elsewhere, without a second thought. I find myself glowing with happiness when I am with people who respect an idea, consider it from various angles with patience and then come up with genuine concerns and communicate it in such a way that it only motivates the idea giver to introspect further and enhance her idea. So, when I read this article, I had an urge to share it on this blog. I couldn't possibly put it in a better way.

Open your mind: Consider your first reaction when faced with a new idea. You might admit that you frequently feel compelled to analyze and criticize new things. For tiny seedlings of ideas to grow to become big innovations, we must open our minds and defer judgment.
Here’s how: remind yourself that idea generation and idea evaluation are different, equally important modes of thinking, and that you'll work most effectively using one mode at a time. When you’re generating ideas, suspend your disbelief and say yes to everything. When you’re evaluating ideas, first look for the value in every idea. Power off the grading system that was installed in your head in kindergarten. Give all of the ideas you encounter an E for Exotic, Exciting and Excellent. Then phrase your concerns in constructive ways that build and refine ideas.

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