Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Battery Full.

  • The highlights of a unique, rare and unforgettable vacation - to remember and cherish. Singapore. Malaysia (Melaka, Kuala Lumpur) 
  • A free and unexpected VIP buggy ride around a quiet little botanical garden in a brand new electric car.
  • A terrifying and hair-raising roller-coaster ride in the dark. A taste of hell. The revenge of the mummy.
  • A nostalgic second visit to a bird-park with a plethora of colorful, mesmerizing and talented birds from all over the continent. 
  • An enchanting river cruise at dusk with blue and yellow lights, sounds (a thousand birds chirping from the trees lining the water body, the echoes of the boat gently pushing water under a bridge) and sights (beautiful wood-houses and structures) reminiscent of colorful and soothing paintings.
  • A challenging climb (could as well be a cake-walk for those used to such exercises) up to some natural and lovely caves and a religious shrine in the middle of a mountain with no roof, plenty of pigeons and plants on the sides of the caves, dripping with cold water.* 
  • The exploration of a foreign city lived in by an adventurous and charismatic family ancestor (30+ years ago) and the discovery of an authentic Indian vegetarian restaurant (and subsequent gorging on food) right next to the ancestor's place of work.
  • The exploration of the lifestyles of ancestors who traveled abroad, settled down there and merged with the foreign culture in so many ways that they now have their own unique culture. 
  • The visit to a planetarium and watching of "Passport to the Universe" (with voice-over by Tom Hanks) along with a truckload of overwhelmed and excited school kids. 
  • The visit to foreign places of worship.
  • The visit to a handsome and huge Buddha temple the very day after Buddha Poornima.
  • The pure joy of listening to a four-year old talk affectionately and innocently - at times spontaneously and at times in a measured and thoughtful voice.
*Motivated and egged on - embarrassingly enough - by a four-year old nephew "Come on Nimmy Auntie, You can do it....You're almost done....You're the winner!!"


Mark said...

awesome Nimmy, u had a great time ! totally recharged and all :)

Nimmy said...

:-) Thanks, Mark. Yes, it definitely was a unique and unforgettable (and rare) vacation for me. All of must get away at least once in 2 years to a far away place...I tell you. :-D

Ashwini Bhat said...

My email has decided to go down for sometime.... you are saved.

I had a feeling that you went to Singapore and you proved me right.

I will not spare you. Let the email get back and I will see you there. :)

Nimmy said...

@Ash: ROFL....getting ready for the bullets. But why lady? Singapore is nowhere near London! ;-)