Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Happiness at Work

There's an interesting discussion going on about happiness and especially happiness at work on Linked In. Research apparently indicates that 60% of happiness is due to genetic make-up and circumstances (fulfillment of basic needs) put together and 40% due to what we choose to think and do. Read the full article and some responses (including mine) here. So, are you at least 40% happy? ;-)


Vimal said...

my IQ is higher than my happiness quotient. Both are in the negative, but my IQ is less negative.

Nimmy said...

See....I told're the most intellectual clown I know. :-) does get pretty difficult when your IQ is more than your can at least imagine in my case I suspect it must be the other way around. ;-)

Vimal said...

you mean of all the intellectual clowns you know, I have the least negative IQ?

Nimmy said... many different interpretations we might arrive at! :-)

Nah. The 'clown' is just a reference to what you claim to be on your blog (The clown behind the mask). So, maybe the mask here is "Intelligence"? But, hell, I think agree with you. Of all the intellectual clowns I know, you have the best IQ. ;-)