Wednesday, April 21, 2010

KM - Marketing Strategy

Doing a lot of KM posts of late. And that's a good thing, what? :-)  There was a phase when I'd done too many KM posts and then ran out of ideas & situations. There was also a phase last year when I ended up focusing on a lot of other topics and felt 'KM-starved'. So, it's good to be back in another KM-heavy phase.... 

I responded to this question on Linked In and thought I'd reproduce it here for the record.

Q:  How do you market your knowledge management efforts in your company?

My Thoughts:

 1. Get creative (engage branding specialists if need be) and come up with a brand name, logo and tag-line that reflects, inspires and engages users. These must obviously be derived from and reflect your KM values and objectives. You could also create paraphernalia that are likely to be appreciated based on the brand (badges, posters, cups, pens and what not - these will constantly remind people what it means and what you are after) 

2. Live the brand in every way possible - Easier said than done but the most critical point at the end of the day. For example, if your brand focuses on connecting people, your actions must be in tandem - most of your practices and endeavors must point to that implicitly and explicitly. 

3. Conduct road-shows, knowledge fairs and internal conferences and un-conferences to communicate, educate and engage the users 

4. Write an internal blog (should be frequently updated) that elaborates on the KM brand and its meaning and speaks about the KM team's efforts and experiences, feedback, inputs, case studies & stories from the field and picks up a lot of inspiration from external sources as well 

5. Engage champions from the field (champion users & KM believers) who would then harbinger the viral movement for you and your team! 

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