Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Goople Effect

Wonder what that is? It is something I've discovered & observed quite often and I wouldn't be surprised if it is so common and obvious that everyone is aware of this phenomena. Maybe I should just claim the ownership of the name of the effect. ;-)

The Goople Effect: The phenomena of people dropping the names of Google and Apple as examples whenever they talk about corporate entities in the context of innovation, business models, products, operational approaches, corporate attitudes, business presentations, processes, practices and just about everything. The more interesting aspect of this phenomena is that the audience normally accepts these examples and nods in agreement and rarely questions the appropriateness of the examples. 

A simpler twitterized explanation would be - Goople Effect: People dropping the names of Google & Apple as examples for everything under the sun & the audience accepting it with awe :-)

I rest my case. 


Yayaver said...

Apple and Google has created buzz in the air with their innovation only. But gerneralization or stereotyping gives the way to simplification theory. I Like the Goople effect, people saying yes dumbly... quite innovative observation from your side Nimmy.

Christian Young said...

ROTFLMAO, so true, hahahaha.

Nimmy said...

Thanks Yayaver! :-)

Glad this made you laugh, CY! :-)

mark said...

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