Friday, July 24, 2009

Bullet Points for Peace! ;-)

Nice stuff....10 Principles for Peace of Mind.


1. Do Not Interfere In Others’ Business Unless Asked (On the contrary, I am so much against interfering in others' lives that I am sometimes considered indifferent! ;-))

2. Forgive And Forget (I learned this many years back but I wish I'd learned this even earlier)

3. Do Not Crave For Recognition (Hum. Haw.)

4. Do Not Be Jealous (I'd find it difficult to not feel jealous of someone who lives in an absolutely scenic place...amidst nature. I'd find it difficult to not feel jealous of people who get a plethora of learning opportunities - training programs, workshops, conferences, good mentors and teachers etc. I'd find it difficult to not feel jealous of people who can sing really well. Sigh)

5. Change Yourself According To The Environment (Tough one!)

6. Endure What Cannot Be Cured (Possible when one has faith in oneself and in God!)

7. Do Not Bite Off More Than You Can Chew (I am yet to learn this)

8. Meditate Regularly (I try...)

9. Never Leave The Mind Vacant (Rarely...)

10. Do Not Procrastinate And Never Regret (Aah...well...)


Anonymous said...

11. If someone smile because of you charity is done.

Yayaver said...

12- Be what you are. This is the first step toward becoming better than you are. ~Julius Charles Hare

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asimov said...

i totaly agree with written inside the bracket.

Nimmy said...

Thank you for the comments, Friends! :-)

Hobo: Charity....yes! Not necessarily monetary!

Yaya: Be yourself! Perfect peace of mind!

Asimov: Nice to see you're able to relate to my comments on the points! :-)

Someone who cares about common people said...

Nice post on peace with practical comments on the side. Glat that i got chance to read your post from one of you comment on sastwingees blog. Reading your blogs whenever i am getting time. Nice work on knowledge mangement blog and links. I am still trying to get what is KM, and got an overall idea of KM in wikipedia.

Thanks Karthil

Nimmy said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment here, Karthik! :-) Hope to have many more conversations with you on this blog!

Life is Beautiful said...

Thanks Nimmy for taking time to respond for all the comments i made. I am still in the process of reading your blogs which you have writtern for past 5 years. Now i am reading selective blogs because of time frame, but planning to revisit the entire list. Sure we will have more conversations on this subject and others also. You "passion statement" of the blog inspired me, as i am also looking for answers in similar lines. And i am also suprised to see your blog on Eknath books and quotes. I have read his book on Meditation and Bhagavad Gita. I am just beginner in both.

Enjoy.. Thanks Karthik

Life is Beautiful said...


I agree with your below point "
3. Do Not Crave For Recognition".
Per Gita, we should do our action without attachment to the results.
But will this apply in the corporate world ?

With saying this, in the corporate world i would expect companies should give promotion without asking for the one or fight for one. It is not happening. Even if a person decides not to ask, will he be considered or recoganized. I really doubt. Let me know your thoughts on this. Whats your thoughts on this..

Nimmy said...


Great to hear from you again! :-) Well, to be honest, I do believe that recognition comes automatically when one does one's job with a lot of passion and love. If not from everybody, at least from those who value genuine people and are true to their conscience!

I know what you're talking about when you ponder over whether it will work in the corporate world....I must be honest with you past experiences suggest that it could be either way. There are times when you get your due and there are times when you don't!

What a MAJOR COINCIDENCE this is. I had a problem with exactly what you've mentioned - promotion. In a previous company that I worked with, I put in 5 years of honest, passionate, and sincere hard work even if I say so myself. I got some recognition for it and people acknowledged my enthusiasm etc. But I did not get the promotion that I think I sincerely deserved after 4 years. But I never fought for it till I stepped into my 5th year of service and did conclude that only the crying baby gets the milk! It hurt me a lot....but at the end of the day, it's not in me to go beg for recognition when I very well know that they know that I deserve it. I guess it is hard to avoid feeling let-down after such experiences but real passion for the work we do will wipe away such emotions and take us to greater heights. At the same time, in another company that I worked with in the past, immediately after 1 year of effort, I got the appreciation and recognition that one normally gets. Maybe it's also about luck, your patience and how much you crave for things like promotion etc. Maybe it's only a matter of's not about whether you will get the recognition or not but how long it takes!

Another way of looking at it is how talented are you in making the concerned entities realize that you need to get your due. Not exactly manipulation but your people skills. Maybe you should do this so you don't feel cheated if not for any other reason!! We must consider ourselves lucky even if there is one senior person who understands your passion and dedication and is ready to support you in fighting for what you deserve!

Finally, real happiness is in just enjoying your work and trusting that you'll get your due. If you happen to be in a completely inappropriate place, maybe you should let that spur you into moving to a "better" place or doing something on your own!

Life is Beautiful said...

Hello Nimmy,

Thanks for your time and effort for such a big response for my question and also relating with your personal experience. I would say you have got lot of patience.

I do believe in doing the action without attachment to results, but this is hard to follow in practical life as in this example. I am trying to follow, but sometimes I don’t. I believe we cannot achieve in a day, month or year, it takes even longer than that, might be our entire life time.

Yes I agree it can be either way, both positive and negative, as you said it depends on people around you. My past experiences are positive till now; hopefully in future also it remains positive.

It’s interesting to read your experience. Thanks for putting in such a nice way. Well I don’t know whether to feel bad or feel good. Crying baby is an excellent anecdote. I believe now you are in better position than in your old company, obviously that’s true because you are promoted in a year. So it turned out to be good, because of your hard work rewarded you with another nice company with chances to meet new people and more challenges. Should I consider this as always positive  Sometimes I feel a company should not have a self appraisal system.

As you said some time we should feel our concerned entities know about us and what we are doing. I agree. Recently I had a discussion with a senior person with 15 years experience, and he also told the same to me. There is no exact rule which says whether it is really a manipulative or people skill. So it depends on individual. But this is a nice skill everyone should learn in experience

Nice words on real happiness.
The deciding factor and timing factor (how long one should wait) is the toughest in one’s life. With having all these discussions above,
Should we just love our work and do our work with great interest and wait for recognition? or
Should we love our work, do our work with great interest and go and ask for recognition or promotion, ? or
Should we love our work, do your work with great interest and use people skills to make your boss know what you are doing without any attachments to results(I mean attachment to results is results can be positive or negative or neutral) ?

It depends in individual, place, timing and other known factors. Anyway its an interesting discussion.

Nimmy said...

In response to your last question, my humble opinion would be to stick to 1) or 3). In the case of 1) I guess even waiting for results can make you feel frustrated....if you don't expect anything and march on as usual, when what you deserve finally comes, you feel elated! :-) 3) would be great if you have the people skills and the outcome of what you do is evident to everyone.

Life is Beautiful said...

Hi Nimmy,

I agree with both of your comments, and it is going to be a real challenge for anyone following with this approach. He needs to have lot of confidence and faith on him and others also. Thank you for your thought provoking response in this conversation.

Have a nice evening.
Thanks Karthik

Nimmy said...

Thank *you* Karthik! :-)
Here's hoping you have a nice day too!!
Looking forward to your responses and striking more meaningful conversations on other topics/posts as well!