Friday, December 05, 2008


I discovered an interesting and inspiring website (actually, organization) today. - An organization that identifies, sponsors and encourages social entrepreneurs. I, obviously, looked up the Indian section and was thrilled to read about a whole lot of passionate and intelligent people going after their idea(s) to make our country a better place! Why don't we get to read more about such people in the papers or watch their interviews on TV? That, by itself, can inspire many more of us to get out of the mundane lives we lead and think beyond our monthly-paycheck.


Anonymous said...

Very nice.

asimov said...

After Mumbai Terror Attack many indian bloggers pour their hatred against one particulat religion. They wanted to start war against Pakistan. This kind of hate agenda would not solve any problems. There are many power centres in Pakistan. Jihadi Fundamentalists are thre one and more powerful. I don’t think all the pakiatanis are against India. Knowing fully well that both countries are nuclear armed starting war with one another is a foolish act. Any thing may happen when war once started. Some fool hardy general may trigger the nuclear bomb and the other may compell to receprocate. Would any sane man want that? The need of the hour is soberity. We must change the mind set of those people. We must wean away our islamic brothern from this jihadi elements. We must integrate them in the main stream. That is the change we must bring in our society.

Bertrand Russel, the vehement opponent of nuclear arms race, once that if need be i would turn a communist to ban nuclear arms

Nimmy said...

Glad if it was of use to you, HOBO! :-)

Strong and excellent points there. I guess the first thing most of us do is "React". And anger is hard to suppress at such times. Isn't that why there is so much suffering in our world today? My friend, Zeph, asked me a great question that I think is a good way to start handling this crisis - What did we do earlier for the situation to precipitate into its current state? If we returned hatred and anger with hatred and anger..then we are also to be blamed for such continuous debacles. You're spot on! We need another leader like Gandhi. We also need a lot of spiritually and emotionally intelligent people across the country!...

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