Thursday, December 11, 2008


From Dave Pollard's blog: I love this list on Change Management....(emphasis mine)

1. Communities are the basis for change, and what they need more than anything now is excellent stewardship. Facilitators, please stand up.

2. The great value of networks is that they enable groups of people to organize, collaborate, do the work each is best at, and share the work needed to bring about the change, and then show others its value.

3. Change has to start with an identified need, not with a good idea. Generally, we only change when we must. Listen for needs.

4. We need to create safe places to explore and work on bold ideas. Skunkworks can often accomplish more than large amounts of funding.

5. Change, like great research, begins with asking important questions, and provoking respondents to self-change instead of trying to persuade or impose it.

6. To bring about change, be prepared to work with people, listen and understand what works and what is important for them, and engage them in ways they see value in and relate to. And be totally, brutally honest about what you don't know, aren't sure about, or difficulties in the path of desired change. And stay open to other ideas and concerns.

7.If you want to accomplish great change, give up the idea of getting the credit for it.

8. Experiment. The best, profound changes come from masses of iterative learning and exploration of possibilities.

9. Create the starting conditions for momentum, enthusiasm, sufficient resources, the right people, and don't worry about outcomes.

10. Make it easy. When you make it easier to change, to do the right thing, it will succeed more quickly and profoundly than if it requires a lot of work from every person.


Prashant Sree said...

Nice post !! :) Good points about how to make Change ! Though its takes more than just innovation and creativity to come up with something which meets all the 10 points.

A question. Can you quote some instances where in a change in society was stewarded like this(Other than our independence movement)

Nimmy said...

hey prashant,

mmm. i found the list to be very useful as well. :)

i don't think i know of any social examples of this category..! but i am sure there are more than a few organizations that have brought about change in such a manner....consciously or otherwise!

will talk about it here if at all i recall or come across any good example! for now, something which i am not so sure of but suspect it belongs to this category is adult education in rural India....something tells me that this movement perhaps used some of the ideas referred to here for bringing about the change...

Yayaver said...

7.If you want to accomplish great change, give up the idea of getting the credit for it.
This point was really impressive and i give lot of thoughts about it.You have really inherited lot of knowledge by going through several books .

Marina D'Souza said...

"Experiment. The best, profound changes come from masses of iterative learning and exploration of possibilities."

Works for me :)

Nimmy said...

Hello Yayaver...thanks for the comment. And, hey, I haven't prepared this list. Have just taken it from Dave's blog... :-) But I can vouch for the fact that you can accomplish lots provided you're not there for getting credit.

Hey Marina, thanks for the comment. True...experimenting does lead to a lot of change. Example from personal experiences...When in a new place, if I go around a bit on my own - i.e experiment and explore with the city map...I change into a more confident person! :-)

Wisdom said...

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Tejaswi said...

Well spotted nimmi :) there's something for everyone here- mine's no 10.

Nimmy said...

Hey Tejaswi! :-) How you? 100%...especially in situations wherein there is a need to get an organization to adopt a new system. If we don't make it easy...we are surely in for a nightmare! People simply wont budge...! :-) And I guess one sure fire way to make it easy for the implementers is to break it up into small pieces...and take it one step at a time.. :)

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