Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Communication and KM

Not bad. I am finally beginning to make good (on second thoughts, it should be "some" instead of "good"!) progress with the KM initiative. An application that's a lot better and effective as compared to the previous one. A newsletter. A blog. And now...a micro-blogging platform! Yeah! Going to be positive and will hope for the best. I think utilizing every possible communication channel that is available, is very critical for the success of any KM initiative! :-) Wish me luck!


Jackfruit said...

Hi Nimmy
Your blog has had some impact in making me more involved in KM at work and personally.

I think you could add this too into your progress :D:P

Nimmy said...


Awesome. You made my day! :-) If I can influence someone who is not in my organization, I can surely do better within my own organization ;-).
Take care and thanks!

Anjali said...


Nimmy said...

thanks buddy! :-)
have a rocking new year!! i know you will!