Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Word Therapy

This is just a simple idea that came to me all of a sudden. I like it. But what I've done with it is not so great. I think one can get more creative with it...perhaps make use of better tools to realize its full impact. But, well, ideas evolve....sometimes on their 'own' and, of course, when more people adopt it. So, consider adopting it and feel free to suggest/make improvements.

I love words! Some words (and phrases) are so powerful that they evoke intense feelings, thoughts and even spur us into action. They can make us dream, visualize things and march on to make them a reality. Words can excite. Words can inspire. Words can lend energy. Words when combined creatively can, I believe, cause permanent change. Advertisers are likely to swear by that. That's why I am in awe of people who go around sporting a cool bag of lively words and display immense talent (and, sometimes, a sense of humor) in pulling out the word(s) exactly when it is (they are) needed. (But words can also be misused...making them double-edged swords. Ask the media.)

Righto! I don't particularly think I've got very creative with words in my write-up so far, but here's my idea! And I am calling it Word Therapy. Simple stuff. A 'Do it yourself' exercise that can massage your mind and soul. Think of some key words that excite, inspire, motivate, energize you. Think of the words that explain you. Think of the words that make you. And put them all together in the form of a colourful collage. Group the words if you feel like. Then, simply stare at the collage. Let your eyes wander over the words. Pause every now and then. See the connections...known and unknown. Absorb the words. Let them lend you their energy. Even let them hypnotize you. Maybe you'll feel the difference - the words could wake you up, put some action into you, inspire you, make you believe in yourself.....and what not. At the risk of exaggerating, I am inclined to say that it could even contribute to the making of your character depending on the intensity with which you do it. And, well, you anyway get to decide what you want from the collage.

I just tried it. I can't say the collage looks as nice as I would have wanted it to. But I can, nevertheless, feel the impact. Take a look. (It might look better with some nice symbols and small images at appropriate places.)

Does it do something to you, if at all? What would your word therapy collage look like? Would you like to create one and share it? And, hey, feel free to spread the 'word'! :-)


Prashant Sree said...


Thats a good suggestion !! I wont call it a therapy ,as it is something which one does when he wants to recover back from weakness. I would rather call it a
"Life in a Word",(just thought as i typed, so pardon my vague connection).

What you said is true,it is similar to Mind Map, where the images and words ensure your mind grasp more of the content and helps the individual... Its definitely feasible and can/must be taught to students, if they follow this, their empowerment will do miracles in their life...

I liked this one "Words enduing you with energy". Its very true in many context...

Nimmy said...

Hey Prashant,

Thanks for the comment and the acknowledgment of the idea. :-)
Hmm....so you don't want to call it therapy? :-) I guess I called it therapy coz therapy indicates rejuvenation. I wasn't thinking about weakness! :-) Rather...lack of energy or boredom was what was on my mind. :-)

I think this idea is still half-baked...can be improved and made more appealing...it also depends on the kinds of tools one could use to create the collage. Hmmm........

Anjali said...

Well this not new at all. Coz it is used in Leadership programs and personality building programs all the time. I've done this as early as in the 4th std in value judgement classes in school.

Am a believer in Words. I like to put my actions and inner feeling in words. It might not capture the depth 100 % but it is an effective tool.

Words can make or break things.

I many times look at Web 2.0 tags and think in the same way. Those tags can be put on people/ personalities by people you interact with or yourself. The most used word is the biggest cloud indicating the stronger traits and vice versa. How about that?

Nimmy said...

hey angeli...hmmm....so, i have been ignorant all along! ;-)

seriously speaking, i guess i knew at the back of my mind that such things are bound to exist but as usual i was lazy to verify and do some research on what exactly has been done so far. and i definitely have come across collages that help us develop a vision, collages that are visually effective etc. but i haven't seen one revolving around plain words...

all said and done, there was a certain amount of joy that i derived out of starting it off from nowhere and creating an amateurish collage! :-) maybe you could tell me what else i should do to improve this idea??

coming to your web 2.0 tags...yeah! it would be such a revelation na??

Anjali said...

That is Ok. There is a joy in rediscovery on a personal level too Nims :).

They are generally done on chart paper not many people digitize such exercises.

I think try the big font small font play and the color for a certain emotion associated with the word. I do see u have used color coding.

Oh sure it would be a revelation but people like to do it in anonimity. Even our closest friends are not open enough to tell on the face for they just care too much about us.

BTW I off home to Mum and plan to freak out completely, dining, theatre, travel etc etc.!!!

Nimmy said...

Saw your comment late in the night and made a mental note to respond the next day but completely forgot to respond! :-|

Have a wonderful time in Mumbai!! Rock Mumbai!! :-)) I can almost sense your excitement! :)

And loved your suggestions on the font size and colours! :-))

Anonymous said...

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