Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Once upon a time....

No. Apologies. Not as yet. Your wait is not really over. (If you happen to be a regular and persistent - don't tell me! - reader of this blog and have somehow - miraculously - been here long enough to realize that I do manage to write one or two good posts a year....or make that two years) This isn't, I am afraid, going to be one of those rare great posts. As usual, it is another aimless post with no goal(s) in life whatsoever. Flash in the pan brilliance is definitely a bad thing in blogging. You have to keep hoping that your readers are patient enough to wait till it finally comes and hits them out of the blue. Not that I really want to put your life in peril by suggesting that you come back to this blog again and again in the hope that you will see a flash some time or the other. Just a thought, you know. Sigh. Hopefully I may succeed in cheating you by mentioning that it looks like the next 'good' post is being gradually brewed in a remote and minuscule corner (fictional, did you say?) of my otherwise inactive brain. I hope you'll be kind enough to recognize it when it is served. (Of course, I will need help in recognizing such a thing) I dread to think of the day when even that r and m corner (ok, have it your way...fictional) stops working and goes to sleep. Anyway, let me not worry about that right now.

I'd drawn this stuff (above) using an online drawing-board software. My message to you, the reader, is very clear. Remove all doubts and stop speculating (just because you stopped doing that in the stock market, it doesn't mean you must try it in on my blog, of all the places) for here it is. Just wanted to say it is quite funny how I seem to choose to draw more or less the same pic every time I sit down to draw and don't have any cartoons for inspiration. Almost as if I have been secretly programmed. Makes me think this must be a real place that I probably grew up in, in one of my previous lives. Or maybe it's the larger part of my - non-functional - brain at work. I never seem to get bored of drawing the same old nameless tree with some nondescript grass around it, a stream flowing from south to north (yes, that's the way I imagine it), the beautiful and bright sun shining down on the tree and the stream, a clueless bird (bird-like creature?) hovering around (however, the bird sometimes finds company and is a part of a flock of clueless birds), some pebbles of varied sizes and shapes in the stream, and finally yours truly sitting under the tree with books, music and a cup of yummy cold coffee with ice cream. Does this happen to you? I mean, do you end up drawing the same thing again and again? I am beginning to think that this may even be the consequence of a painful drawing imposition during my childhood days. Maybe the teacher made me draw it so many times (in the hope of getting me to draw something that looked like a place on earth) that I can't think of anything else to draw. Or maybe this is the consequence of a deeply embedded thought that is trying to tell me that I need to go off to such a place and save mankind (from me). Or, well, mmmaybe the thought actually conveys that such places can only be seen on paper in future?

Thanks for sitting through this ordeal. You deserve to enjoy a break in a similar looking place if you have access to it. Toodle-oo for now!

PS: Doesn't the bird-like creature look more like it is crawling than flying? I knew it all along but the bird refused to listen to me. And you don't have to tell me...I know you've now given up in case you happened to be looking to find at least some traces of sanity in me. I can't, unfortunately, blame it on alcohol because I am a teetotaler. Hmn.


wake_up_then_walk said...

Once Jug Suraiya of the Sunday Column 'Jugular Vein' came across a fan, who had read most of his articles. He was really excited and wanted to know what was it that the reader liked best in his columns. The answer was profound-
"I've never really understood what you want to convey."

Prashant Sree said...

Was interesting to see the Label "Nonsense"... Sometimes, the nonsense is more like "No n Sense"... One never knows the the seemingly senseless(so called nonsense) ends up teaching or providing a whole new gamut of thought or an idea...

And is somebody getting a recurrent dream ?? Recurrence may have some sense after all... :)

P.S: The crawling enu was my best image in the pic...Looked like it was lost and was wandering arnd ;)

Nimmy said...

Hey Rakesh...! :-)
Well, what shall I say?! LoL.
Interesting....I think I do know of a handful of people who have what I call the "Nonsense Nerve". I guess I recognize mine once in a while and let go and just say whatever I feel like....gibberish may or may not be at its best. It sometimes makes one feel if one has gotten rid of something weighing the mind. And sometimes I end up seeing some thing 'interesting' amidst all the blabberings. I realize this whole indulgence/experience is not so easy to articulate! ;-)

I guess there's one part of me that wants to indulge in utter nonsense and another part that wants to be engaged in deep and profound thoughts. I try my best to balance the two...but I guess some people are bound to be baffled by the inconsistency or rather contradiction. Like one of my friends said on seeing my blog "People will be interested as they start reading your blog title...Life, OK...Spirituality, Hmm....KM, Oh....and then...when they come to Nonsense...they may wonder what on earth is happening!" :-)

I guess a school-going kid can get away with it but an adult?!! LoL. Let me see if I can get away with it...without being asked to get my head examined! ;-)

Nimmy said...

Hey Prashant! :-)
Thanks for mustering enough strength to wade through all the 'nonsense'...! And make sure you let me know if you see anything worth the .com page you are on. :-)
And I must tell you that I draw wonderful-looking birds when given a paper and a pencil. This one was drawn by a mouse. :-P

Sheetal said...

Wonderful. You actually described it at length! I love what you said - remove all doubts and stop speculating! And I must say, you write so well.

I have been reading many blogs lately through It's fun to know and meet so many talented bloggers!

Nimmy said...

Hey Sheetal! Welcome here....and thanks so much for appreciating thoughts/writing! ;-)(But I must confess that I have a loooong way to go and there's as much scope for improvement as there is space in this galaxy! :-))

I completely agree with you....It is fun to know so many talented bloggers (but there are just too many to be able to keep track of, don't you agree?)...I too have discovered people with wonderful writing skills and have been quite enamored by them! Three cheers to blogging and inspiring bloggers!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, check this out..