Friday, November 21, 2008

Final Sanity Check. Failed.

The wait isn't still over. You must excuse me. Millions of mad monkeys! It's, after all, Friday!! :-) However...if you insist (hmph) on some concrete evidence in favour of being (or continuing to be) my friend, read the following carefully:

1. From The Life of Samuel Johnson - "A man who talks nonsense so well must know that he is talking nonsense" (No, I haven't read the book. God knows what the context of the statement is. But if you noticed, I am discreetly laying a claim to be good at nonsensical talk!)

2.“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men" - Gene Wilder (Maybe Gene's surname prevented his friends from getting violent in response to his wonderful statement. But I am going to bravely tag along and nod in agreement. Of course, what "now and then" means is an entirely subjective thing! And once again, if you noticed, I am discreetly laying a claim to be wise.)

PS: I have a secret (not anymore, I guess) wish to replace "men" with "women" (and therefore "he" with "she") in every single quote that seems to completely ignore the existence of women. Grr. Makes it so inconvenient for us women to quote people!

Update: If you are a child in the garb of an adult...or at least have a teeny weeny bit of child-like sentiments left in you, I am sure you either have a smile or a grin on your face now. don't have to examine the grin on our little doggy-friend's face (above). Your grin doesn't necessarily have to be that good. Even a mediocre grin will do. But if you don't happen to have any sort of grin on your face...freeze immediately. Don't move a single muscle on your face. No twitching! Get up and go over to the nearest and clearest mirror and check for a raised eyebrow or a slight scowl or perhaps a somewhat dazed/puzzled look. If yes, I must give you the bad news. You may be suffering from Adulter. That's a variation of cancer that grows unabated and destroys the child in you gradually. But you may find various cures, nevertheless. Recommended doctors - children/pets. Do let me know when there's an improvement. :-)


Sunil Thekkedath said...

good know sense of nonsense.....its zen..i liked your profile and the way you write

Nimmy said...

Hey Sunil...thanks a ton for leaving a comment and the kind appreciation! :-) what shall i say?? it is a great feeling to see someone keen on spirituality and philosophy appreciating a 'crazy' post! :-) i love the combination...and believe that everyone must learn to balance the ridiculous with the radically profound thoughts...

like someone is supposed to have said "who said i suffer from insanity? i enjoy every minute of it!"...well, to be on the safer side, i'd better replace the word insanity with craziness...sounds less scary! :))

looking forward to great thoughts from your blog...will subscribe..!

Rupa said...

Nimmi, you are definitely good at nonsense and i have seen that from the time i we met at the re-union.I guess we all need some nonsense in our life to recognise and appreciate the sense (if at all we could distinguish!)

Nimmy said...

Take a bow, Rups. Take a bow. At the risk of repeating myself...take a bow! :-) What a discovery...I mean the part where you say "we all need some nonsense in our life to recognise and appreciate the sense". I am glad I have the entire weekend ahead of me to ponder over this awesome statement... :-) Serious...! ;-)

Trauma Queen said...

i am to be liking your blog! you are to be crazy, mental, rocking girl blogger like myself!

(only myself does not have rocking girl blogger badge or any blogger badge)

please to be accepting my offer of a blogger fraansheep.


Nimmy said...

Hey Trauma Queen! :-)
Thanks for visiting my blog...and thanks a ton for liking it! :) Hmmm. Me crazy....but not so consistently crazy I guess! :-P. I tend to oscillate between sanity and insanity making it very difficult for people to understand me. ;-) Maybe that's why you see both a thinking blogger badge as well as a rocking blogger badge here. I don't think I am living up to either of these. !!! :-(

And can take all the badges you want from here...!! Me is a nice n generous nut. Easy to crack.

I wholeheartedly accept your fraansheep and give you my fraanlamb...and fraancow as well... in return! Bleat...Moo...Cheers!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dude, check this out..