Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mad about Music

My music player, eh? The beautiful tooth that you see keeps moving with the song...and the left eye reflects the joy in music. ;)
The skin's aptly called "Toothy". I'd however think "Blue Toothy" is more like it ;). You'll find Mr.Blue Toothy here


Deepti said...

so cute.... mujhe bhi chahiyeh :)
can i download it...

BTW>... it is a pain to do this word verification and signing in on your website before leaving a comment. :)

But i do it, cos i love to chat up with u./

Nimmy said...

:D hahaaa.
Here! I ought to have put up the link as well...without waiting for people to ask for it!

Page Link:

Download Link:

The name of the skin, as might be expected, is Toothy! :P