Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Raj has tagged me. I’ve been tagged before on “things people don’t know about me”. This tag is somewhat similar and is called “8 random things about me”. So, I am going to say whatever comes to my mind at this point of time. Once again, as many tags go, the post is self-indulgent. But sometimes one does enjoy such tags because it points out where one stands and how much more there is to life…..it actually brings out one’s minute dimensions in comparison with the world’s gigantic equivalent. On a more selfish note, it can help one open up and strike a chord with potential friends.

1. I am tremendously patient when it comes to serious/huge problems in life and quite impatient when it comes to many of the smaller things! Silly me!

2. I laugh like there’s no tomorrow for the silliest of things and don’t care when others don’t seem to find it equally funny (all it means is that they’ve forgotten how to enjoy life!) :D

3. I love to make people laugh and generally resort to ridiculous and pun-based humor (Thus the interest in PLUM, C&H, Asterix and Obelix…)

4. I love watching mother nature in solitude. I love to inconspicuously observe naughty children and pets and relish their reactions when they are caught red-handed. Talented children bring tears of joy to my eyes.

5. I sometimes feel I have too many interests in life and that makes it difficult for me to become an expert in areas outside my core profession (KM). But I do like being a Jill of all trades………

6. I am so obsessed about music that I pray to God to make me a great singer in my next lifetime (The only solace is that I play a bit of guitar in this life)

7. I am a natural introvert who has gradually evolved into a semi introvert/semi extrovert. But when it comes to bonding with people, I let my intuition dictate and generally have a lot of fun with people who are on the same wavelength. I generally hit it off well with children. I feel at home with people who are genuine, fun-loving, and share at least some similar interests. Once I begin to like a person, it’s very hard for me to see/register any negative qualities in him/her thereafter. I (blush) have typically fallen for musical and literary talent/ vision & intelligence/ wit and sense of humor/genuineness, good nature and simplicity. If all these come together in one package, I may find it next to impossible to refrain from gushing and gaping in awe at the subject under question

8. I love being silly & goofy as well as feel good getting into a spiritual and philosophical mood and can comfortably switch between the two ‘profiles’. I sometimes suspect that people find it difficult to understand me because of such contradictions and they wonder how I might want to be on both ends of the illusory spectrum.

I don’t believe in passing on tags that have negative conditions/tell people something will not work out if they don’t pass on the tag etc. So, I shall take the liberty of removing the last condition from the tag. Just take the tag and pass it on to 8 of your friends. To reiterate, I am leaving out the negative condition(s) and ‘am tagging……

Gautam – my blog mentor. The person who introduced me to blogs and helped me start 3 odd years ago. Also the person who I pick up a lot of business knowledge from….

Sari – A cool friend of mine who is quite unconventional and extremely talented. She truly belongs to another world :D

Ilker – A very kind fellow-blogger who made me feel special by giving me the ‘Thinking Blogger’ recognition.

Matt – A KMer friend with whom I’ve exchanged occasional thoughts on KM.

Dale – A new Canadian fellow-blogger also interested in KM and Innovation

Ashwini – A friend who is always there to listen and lend some sensible advice to me…

Peter – A new friend from the KM world…….

Pragz – A new friend who joins my unusual list (I’ve no idea on what basis I choose people to be a part of this list but it happens more or less sub-consciously) of people I love to tease and tickle (genuine giggles and guffaws from the audience make my day)

The rules....
-Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
-People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
-At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.


Mohamed Taher said...

Nimmi: You deserve a five plus for unraveling the mystery of a superadvanced Virtual reality.

Nimmy said...

Hey MT! :)
I guess I need to ask you to elaborate a bit! :D
Not sure I understood your comment in the current context...! :)