Saturday, June 23, 2007

Monkey Dance

After what seems like a loooong time, I am back at my laptop typing away some nonsense on a weekend. I’ve either been traveling or too tired to write during the weekends for a few months now (except on a few occasions). This Saturday seems to have brought me back to my erstwhile weekend routine for a few reasons that I don’t have to waste your time explaining. But, what do you know, I don’t mind wasting your time with a goofy post instead. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping my goofiness at times. I’ve tried my best. If not one way, it’s got to be in another way. :) But honestly, being goofy helps improve creativity, happiness, and blah blahh. What’s more, it may make at least some souls in the audience laugh. Try it. Forget your age. If you don’t believe me, ask Scot Adams and the like. (You couldn’t have asked anyone better than PLUM had he been alive) If you’re a person who takes age seriously and is of the opinion that with increasing age goofiness ought to slowly fade away, I suggest that you seriously think again! :D Cackle. Hoo. Ha.

I’ve been madly in love with….music ever since the first song I heard which I think must have definitely been one composed by Ilaiyaraja, the uncrowned King of music in my opinion. I haven’t found dance equally appealing though. But there have been some friends who’ve influenced me enough for me to understand the joy in dance as well. Overall, I’ve not tried my hand (or should I say leg?) at dance or choreography except on a few occasions when I felt that the audience was brave enough to withstand tremendous pressure. And, well, the audience – admittedly - was no more than me myself on some of the aforementioned occasions. Stop. Don’t dial that medical-emergency number. Explore the world and you’ll find many other people who’ve choreographed to their heart’s content in solitude. All said and done, choreography is not monkey business. Though I understand the figurative value of that statement, I saw no harm in taking some monkey steps, literally. I was listening to some extremely peppy music this morning and had this sudden inspiration to invite this completely flexible beanie monkey toy I bought recently to be a part of the experience. To my joy, I found that it was amazingly easy to play the role of the Director of Choreography and make the monkey shake a leg or two, a hand or two, a neck, a body and even a tail. It was a cake-walk. It was a cake-dance, actually. I seriously began to feel that I could have made my millions had I chosen choreography as my career. It may not be too late, don’t you think?

Anyways, you may change your mind on seeing the photograph below. While I was excited about my so-far-undiscovered-talent emerging to the forefront on a lazy Saturday afternoon, the monkey looked quite tired and was apparently seeing stars post the experience. My new signature carries Tao Te Ching’s quote “Whatever is flexible and flowing will tend to grow, whatever is rigid and blocked will wither and die.” But Mr. Monkey, something tells me, thinks that it’s exactly the opposite. What? :D

PS: I don't seem to be able to upload the photo as of now. Will try again...should be able to help Mr.Monkey gain some publicity for all the hard work he put in! ;) Okay! I managed to bring him to the 'post' finally....! :) Ignore the date on the photo....I did not bother to change it on my camera.....


Shelly said...

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Nimmy said...

Thanks a ton, Shelly! :D

I'll add it to your directory! See you again!
Nimmy :)