Friday, June 08, 2007 - The Wait! (or the Bait?)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – “Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody."

I’ve generally believed in the benefits of perseverance and have experienced it first hand as well. All one has to have are the maturity and the determination to be patient enough when things are outside one’s control while at the same time furiously trying to make some progress with things under one’s control. But when it involves justice - I caught myself wondering this morning – what difference does it make when you’ve spent a large chunk of your life struggling for it after not having got it by default in the first place? What’s more, one would have also, meanwhile, suffered so many of the painful consequences of injustice! When justice finally arrives – I continue to be an optimist despite all odds :D – can it compensate and make up for all the - sometimes irrecoverable - losses except to prove that justice is indeed alive and not completely dead? Hey, that reminds me of “Justice delayed is justice denied” - Doesn’t sound good at all! :(. While on this topic I am also reminded of Calvin’s somewhat relevant and handy quip (again!), “Why is life never unfair in my favour?

On the positive side, Calvin’s Dad’s occasional remark about difficulties and problems “building character” may sound better. :) And well, even Gandhi’s “My life is my message!” So, what’s your message in response to this post? I’m extremely eager to exchange thoughts on this topic.

PS: Peter/Srini, I am not neglecting your triggers on what I could talk about next on KM! :) Apologies for the delay. I should be putting up my thoughts on Peter’s question about whether we can really manage ‘knowledge’ and Srini’s suggestion on “retention of knowledge” very soon. Have collated some of my thoughts on these topics….but need to package it.


Happy Kitten said...

Hello Nimmy..

a great blog u have here... u and me atleast share the love for Ayn Rand's Fountainhead!

BTW, do u know that all her books and most other novels are available free online?

See u soon..

vinod said...

Nimmy ,

Long time no words from me - Curse my client who had put a hold to comments section of blogspot, tho' I still read ur worthwhile KM thooughts and other tidbits...I firmly believe and support ur point in persevarance, hard work !!! Well Im coming to our own Beautiful country, well can we meet up sometime, it will be a gr8 meet :)

Nimmy said...

Thanks, Happy Kitten! Meow! :)

Vinod, Thanks for coming back with your thoughts! I sure hope blogspot is not blocked by all companies! It will be a huge disappointment! And hope you have a great time back home in India! :D
Sure, do drop me an Email when you're here! :)