Sunday, May 14, 2006

How difficult this is!!

What is the right way to meet any situation?
A - See it as it is, not as you hoped or feared. Take a step back and see it from a higher standpoint, it will change how you address the situation.- Zenyasi


Mohamed Taher said...

Hi Nimmi:
It is 3 A.M. Eastern time, and from your blog, I paused at the polyglots' blog. And then, as usual, by serendipity, clicked on the next blog. [although there is another librarian in another part of the globe who thinks differently about this serendipity business: (this is what she says, and I dont dispute) I don't believe in coincidence. Even before we were conceived, God has already planned something for us. See more about her activism:]

Anyways, you know what popped up,
on my click at the Next Blog???
It is the same story: the same thought that your new blog article has. It says the following:
[Point of views
Point of views about life and few things in life...I may be wrong but I am right from my point of view: Check the link:]
Still You Don't believe me?
Trust me. I think great minds always inspire, and make others think.
Thanks. Keep up the good work.

Nimmy said...

thanks, MT! :)
I am but a small speck in this universe full of miracles and lessons for those that want to learn! hoping to be able to get back to blogging the way i've been before - actually, just a couple of months ago...when i had more time to introspect and think beyond routine...